Checking In: Use It Up Challenge

Hi folks,

So far it’s been two weeks of eating just the food in my house and a few new purchases, mostly produce and milk. I’ve been eating quinoa burgers, baking frozen chicken breasts, and making some yummy whole wheat baked goods. All of these recipes will be forthcoming soon. Except baking chicken breasts. I ate them plain… I was real hungry.

One thing I have discovered: I hate white rice. It has no flavor and I’m hungry again an hour later! I unfortunately bought a really big bag of it at Sam’s Club a few months ago, and so I’ve been eating it with lentils. Maybe the lentils balance out how useless white rice is as a source of nutrition or satiety.

Blah. Click for source.

So far I’ve spent about $40, roughly half of my monthly allotment, on fruit, vegetables, milk, yogurt, and a nice block of cheese. I did end up buying bread crumbs and ketchup, too, because I needed them to make burgers out of all my stored goodies! Overall, though, I think this experiment has been successful- I’m clearing out my cabinets, saving money, and eating just fine.

If you could only use what you have on hand right now, what would you cook for dinner?


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