Kitchendeavor Challenge: Use It Up!

Who knows what's lurking in there?

I spend a fair amount of money on food every week, perhaps because I eat a lot of organic or humanely-raised foods. I’m usually on the order of $80 a week, which includes some meals to share with Captain Crunch or friends.

But today, writing up a shopping list, I looked at all the food already in my cabinets, and my freezer, and got to thinking… how long could I get by on what’s already in my pantry? I have a lot of frozen fruits and soups, cans and jars of vegetables and legumes, a big ol’ bag of flour… Heck, I bet I could eat for a month without going to the store.

Well, except I don’t scurvy or osteoporosis.

So here’s the plan: I’m going to spend $80 in a month instead of in a week– enough to buy milk and produce, maybe the occasional container of yogurt, and other than that I’m going to make do with what I already have. So I’ll be posting some “Use It Up” recipes when my ingredient list demands creativity, and I’ll let you know what I’ve bought with my weekly $20, so we’re all honest here. I’m excited!

How long do you think you could go just on what on hand?



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4 responses to “Kitchendeavor Challenge: Use It Up!

  1. Janet

    Gosh, I think I could eat for at least six months on what’s in our freezer alone! My most common mistake is buying bread products, using a few slices, then putting the rest in the freezer. More often than not, I will then buy another loaf of bread and repeat the bad habit. I don’t eat much bread, but I’m going to try to be better about thawing out meat and using it up, instead of going to the store on my way home from work and getting something an hour before I want to eat dinner. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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  3. Roberta

    I have about a zillion packages of half-used up rice! Whole grain, mixed grain, jasmine, 3-Grain Wild Rice Blend, Trader Joe’s Rice Medley and more. Like Janet with the loaves of bread, they keep multiplying in my cupboard. I have no idea why I keep buying more….

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