Phootography, Or: Presentation Matters

Or: matters of presentation.

I’ve been wanting to start a food blog for a long time. Not because I have any particular insight into cooking– quite the opposite. I am regularly consulting Harold McGee’s books and recipe commentators to get just the sort of results I’m looking for. I’m no expert. But MAN do I love to cook, and think about cooking, and drool over the food porn at Epicurious and Tastespotting. Except, as a single lady and a student, usually I’m the only one who sees the fruits of these labors (with the exception of my patient roommate, Emily, and my fellow post-baccs, who are often stuck with the leftover dessert I will spend hours baking but won’t take home.) So here I am, sharing them with you.

The thing about food blogs is, ya gotta take pictures. Lovely pictures. On white plates, with natural sunlight (and my apartment lacks both of these…). So this is as much an adventure in photography as it is in cooking. Any advice, fellow food bloggers, on how to make what tastes so scrumptious look just as good?


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  1. Courtney

    Ooooh I’m so excited to stalk your food blog now that I know about it….love it!

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